Sometimes very simple and everyday happening things tells you a lot about life. It’s one’s perspective that shapes our vision and decides the future actions. This post will not going to be boring, I would rather first show the images clicked recently by me and then I’ll start writing :)

This blog post gives a glimpse of recently published research work by Google on Neural Data Augmentation using Text-to-Text Transfer Transformer(T5) model. Data Augmentation is something that is required in every area either it be NLP, Computer Vision or any other field. Data, if available in large amounts or can be generated in large amounts will always help the deep learning models to learn the patterns better and generalize over the unseen dataset well. …

Lakshya Daksha

Data Scientist working on NLP and Recommender System problems. Worked on other problems in NLP like sentiment analysis, sentiment intensity, sarcasm detection.

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